Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Twas the Hour Before Lunchtime (An Ode to Chipotle)

An old buddy of mine just composed this Christmas miracle.  Some time ago, we spent a month's worth of business days eating Chipotle burritos (thanks, Hank) :

" 'Twas the hour before lunchtime
And all through the city
Chipotles were starting
To steam rice...not too sticky
The foil was all stacked
By tortillas with care
With the knowing that customers
Would soon be there...
The carnitas were shredded
The chicken was too
There’s even fresh guacamole
For an extra buck or two
I’d like some of this
I’d like some of that
1,300 calories are you serious?
A solid month of this I will surely get fat
Tuck the edge of the foil
Grab and roll the pile to close
The smell of the meat
Has tickled my nose
Hand over my money
Take my change and foil brick
Put ice in my soda
I’ll grab the window table...quick!
At the table of metal
With soda in hand
I peel the edge of some goodness
The anticipation's driving me mad
I taste rice and then chicken
Sour cream and more
Tomatoes and peppers
Sharp cheese and then corn
The burrito now done
My soda now empty
That meal was filling
And damn it was plenty
I rise from the table
Put my mess in the trash
Top off my soda
Then back to work in a dash.

So when lunch time arrives
Don’t kick your feet
Don't throw your arms in the air
Unsure what to eat
Don't rifle through menus
In the drawer by your chair
Just walk down the street
There's a Chipotle right there! "

Merry (two weeks before) Christmas.  Buen provecho.

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