Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Brooklyn Style Pizza vs. Brooklyn Style Pizza

Sal's Pizzeria
Court and Degraw
Brooklyn, NY
Small Pie: $15

The delivery boy took two slices from the box before we opened it. For that reason alone, this is the better 'za. Only kidding. Pepperoni on half, fesh basil, and a litle plastic thing in the middle (see bottom left of the box. Does anyone know what that's for?), this pie shows up hot and barely able to fit in the box. Sal's never disappoints. It is a slice of floppy, greasy, and utterly foldable chewiness, with a sauce that has a touch of sweet, but mostly garlic.

Smith and Bergen
Brooklyn, NY
Large Pie: $12

I thought everything was bigger in Texas, but it turns out that this is also the case when it comes to the pepperoni on the Domino's offering, and apparently that's what makes a "Brooklyn Style Pizza." Domino's fails miserably with the other characteristics. No fresh basil and no plastic thing, for starters. The crust is soft, but it's also brittle, so folding the slice is out the door. The saving grace, however, comes by way of the garlic sauce. This is essentially margarine and garlic salt (I've made a home version). I also like to butter my bacon.

So who wins the battle? I'm going to go ahead and say the ranch dressing. I drown my pizza in it to the point where it's all I taste. Given the option, however, I have to opt for Sal's. The pepperoni slices on the Domino's are big to the point of being stupid. Buen Provecho.