Monday, February 15, 2010

Field Notes: Chicago Hot Dogs

A dear friend of mine just relocated to Chicago.  Something about math and markets during the day and impersonating Grant Achatz in the evenings.  He's somewhat reserved, unless there's a skateboard underneath his feet or a microphone being forced into the crowd.  Anyhoo, I'm really hoping that he'll be my Chicago food proxy, especially after receiving this a few days ago:

"I must have sounded like an idiot ordering, I asked so many questions. Like someone who goes to Pat's and asks how the onions are prepared. People put on a lot of toppings. I asked for sauerkraut, and the big homegirl said, 'This ain't New York.' Then I asked if the hot dogs are pork or beef. 'This is beef, honey. The pork's between my legs.'" 

Thanks, D-tron.  Buen provecho.