Friday, May 30, 2014

ICYDFMOT (In Case You Don't Follow Me On Twitter), Here's Some Terrible Photoshops for Your Friday

In light of the recent news that culinary bad boy Guy Fieri is wasting someone else's money on a steakhouse that will probably fail within two months of opening, I started thinking about an alternate universe where Philly chefs donned the denim chef coat and bleached spikes and kame up with some kewl koncepts. Then I tweeted a bunch of terrible photoshops called "Philly Chefs in a Denim Chef's Coat with Guy Fieri Hair." Now I'm taking it a step further and presenting some highlights in the series with each chef's money menu item since it's Friday and you need a distraction from your soul-crushing job. Buen Provecho.

Jeremy Fieri
Signature Dish: Biergarten Beef with Money Mixed Grill

Kevin Fieri
Signature Dish: Fuhgeddaboutit Foie Gras Filet

Jason Fieri
Signature Dish: Bangin' Buffalo Steak "Noodles"

Guy Solomonov
Signature Dish: Za'atar Zingers and Dynamite Duck Heartz

Peter Fieri
Signature Dish: Steak au Poivrapalooza

Guy Vetri
Signature Dish: Da Bomb Bistecca with Rockin' Rosemary
Guy Schroeder
Signature Dish: Fidel Gastro's Head on a Platter

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