Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Why Did I Eat This?

I feel bad for Wendy's.  Without Dave Thomas, the marketing's not the same, nor will it ever be.  For whatever reason, it was like they didn't even have to try under his watchful four eyes.  Now, they're flailing like the rest of the fast food giants, not only with their completely forgettable marketing campaigns, but also with their "throw a bunch of shit at the wall and hope something sticks" method of introducing new dishes.  Their latest attempt—a spicy chicken sandwich topped with pepper jack, bacon, and "natural" guacamole—was the first one in a long time to grab my attention, primarily because of the word "natural."  I'm assuming that they couldn't legally use the term "fresh" and figured "natural" would convey the same idea, but when I looked under the hood, the guacamole's neon-green hue reminded me of Ecto-cooler, and it had the telltale tang of something mass produced and infused with whatever acidic chemical is used to prevent it from turning greyish-brown.  Guacamole notwithstanding, I still ate the whole damn thing in five seconds, and the reasoning is simple.  The spicy chicken breast is one of the greatest and best tasting innovations in fast food, and the toppings are no match for its bold flavor, so the only thing you really taste besides the chicken is regret.  Try it if you must (Serious Eats and DidjaEat? both liked it), but my recommendation is to stick with the standard.  Buen provecho.

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  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I agree, the color of the guac was a little off-putting, but frankly, I am desensitized to that anymore when it comes to fast food. yours seemed a little bit more slopped together then mine (a funny thing to say considering, again, it's fast food). I noticed that Wendy's quality really differs from store to store (and what time you hit it as well), but as long as carl's jr/hardee's stays out of the area (and keeping me out of the ER for clogged arteries, goddman I love that chain), Wendy's feels like it's the best game in town. It's a game played by one legged, cataract-ridden, elderly armadillos, but a game nevertheless :)