Monday, August 18, 2014

All Things Ramen at CoZara Ramen Sundays

"My horned dome is always thinking about ramen burgers" - Satan

I know what you're thinking. What does Satan have to do with ramen? More specifically, ramen burgers? The answer is simple. Not a goddamn thing, but I'm pretty sure Satan is a huge ramen fan, and I suppose the whole ramen trend is still hotter than hell (there's your connection!). But enough about our cloven-hooved prince of darkness, let's shift our focus to CoZara in University City, where Chefs Zama Tanaka and Chris Paulikas have dedicated Sundays to the humble noodle, featuring a menu of ramen rarities like Ramen Burgers and Mazemen available from 2-8pm alongside their regular Sunday menu. Not sure how long this experiment will last, so I'd recommend skipping brunch next Sunday to go and try every dish. Buen provecho (oh yeah, and hail Satan).

(Full menu after the jump)

The Ramen Burger:  
·      Egg ramen noodles mixed with egg and ramen soup, pan-fried to form the bun
·      8 ounces of ground beef mixed with scallion and usukuchi (light soy sauce)
·      Gruyere cheese
·      Sunny side up egg with togarashi and spicy Japanese mustard/mayo
·      Pickled cucumber, arugula and red onion
·      Ginger ketchup

·      Ramen noodles
·      Shoyu (soy) base
·      Crispy bacon
·      Bacon fat
·      Kizami nori (shredded seaweed)
·      Scallion
·      Poached egg 

·      Ramen noodles
·      Shoyu (soy) base
·      Shitake, maitake, enoki mushrooms
·      Truffle crème
·      Shaved parmesan

Shoyu Ramen:
·      Ramen noodles
·      Chicken thigh
·      Shoyu egg
·      Bok choy

 Paitan Ramen:
·      Ramen noodles
·      Pork belly
·      Shoyu egg
·      Black garlic oil

 Ramen Maki:
·      Both kinds of ramen soup are turned into maki
·      The broth is thickened into a dipping sauce

Pork Tonkatsu Sando:
·      Egg ramen noodles mixed with egg and ramen soup, pan-fried to form the bun
·      Panko crusted pork loin
·      Hoisin tonkatsu sauce
·      Spring mix, pickled vegetables, red onion and tomato
·      Spicy Japanese mustard/mayo

Hiyashi Chuka:  A chilled noodle salad
·      Ramen
·      Ham
·      Kani
·      Egg
·      Soy
·      Vinegar
·      Cucumber

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